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Admission to Seniors

Assessment Days for Year 7 Entry (Year 6 pupils) : w/c 22nd January 2018.

Birkenhead School Seniors admits pupils age eleven-plus for their secondary education. Seniors provides an academically-challenging and socially-stimulating environment in which young people flourish.

In selecting students at age 11 for admission to the School, we are looking for the academic potential to proceed to Higher Education. We also look for students with wide-ranging interests and talents who are prepared to participate in the broader life of the School.

Assessment and Taster Days

Academic ability is assessed by means of an assessment and taster day. Applications for assessment can be made either at the end of Year 5 or the beginning of Year 6. Assessment Days take place in June or January when children are invited in small groups. The day is intended to be an enjoyable experience for the children, whilst at the same time providing us with an opportunity to assess them in formal and informal situations. During the day, pupils will be assessed on verbal reasoning, English and mathematics. References will also be sought from candidates' primary schools.

Pupils attending the Prep and seeking entry to Seniors are assessed internally.

Reserving Your Place

Admission into Year 7 is based on the results of the assessment and taster days. Admission into Seniors at a mid-year point, or at a later stage in a pupil's school life, is via interview, school references and tests appropriate to the age of the applicant.

We will make an offer to pupils who we feel have the ability or clear potential to excel on our broad curriculum and play a full and active role within the School community.

Once they have received the offer, parents should reserve their place by completing and returning the Reservation Form together with a Reservation Fee of £300. The Reservation Fee is refunded to parents on the completion of their child's education with us. Offers must be accepted within two weeks of issue.

Following reservation of your place, the Bursar will issue contracts and further information in March/April. Completed contracts should be returned within two weeks of issue.

A range of scholarships and bursaries are available to support pupils in Seniors. Further details of the scholarships and bursaries offered can be found here Scholarships and Bursaries.

For further information or to make an enquiry, please contact Mrs D Roberts, Seniors and Sixth Form Admissions.