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Birkenhead School Foundation Trust

For many decades children from Birkenhead and Wirral have benefited from the outstanding all-round education available at Birkenhead School, many of them going on to the best universities and from there taking up responsible positions in society.

They were able to do that irrespective of social status or parental means. Over twenty years ago about a third of our pupils entered the School through the Government Assisted Places scheme which enabled them, through means - tested funding, to benefit from the excellent opportunities the School could offer.

With the abolition of such a scheme, the last Assisted Place pupils left the Upper Sixth in 2004 leaving the School with the double challenge of maintaining high academic standards whilst also retaining its long-standing commitment to open access.

Thanks to the generous support of former pupils and friends of the School and through the careful management of assets we have managed to replace some of that fee assistance. But in reality we can at present support only about a quarter of the number of pupils who used to receive Assisted Places, leaving a number of able and talented pupils from the Wirral unable to benefit from a Birkenhead School education.

My colleagues, governors and I want the School to be independent not private – independent in our freedom to inspire and able to provide what we consider to be the best kind of education, but not a private club to which only the privileged have access. We will remain unashamedly ambitious in educational terms, but to be socially elite would be to negate the School’s fundamental character.

If you have not already thought of contributing, through donation or bequest, or if you would like to increase your support please download a Trust Donation Form. Alternatively, contact Carol Keegan, our Alumni Officer, by email at

I hope you will consider investing in the School and its exciting future. By contributing to the Birkenhead School Foundation Trust you are investing in the future independence of the School and in the education of the next generation of Birkonians.

Paul Vicars