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Footsteps to Pre-Prep

When your child is three, he or she will be ready to take their next steps and enter the second phase of our Early Years provision; Pre-Prep.

Pre-Prep has its own exciting purpose-built space. The team consists of a Qualified Teacher, an Early Years Professional, an Early Years Teacher and an Early Years Graduate who will further extend your child’s learning experiences. Practitioners from both Nursery and Pre-Prep guide you and your child through this next phase. 

A copy of your child’s last Nursery summative assessment will be given to Pre-Prep. A member of the Pre-Prep team visits your child in Nursery and invites them to play in Pre-Prep.  Children enjoy normally three visits and are offered a selection of transition packs that encourage turn-taking, recall, memory and prediction and further develops their self-help skills.  

Before your child starts Pre-Prep they should be able to use the toilet independently, be attempting to put their coat and shoes on and be familiar with using a knife and fork.