Birkenhead School

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Years 1 and 2 are situated in their own distinct part of the campus, known as Little School and Old School House. Our pupils enjoy beautifully landscaped grounds and play areas, as well as their own hall and art room. Children thrive in this caring, stimulating and supportive environment.

Each day provides a balance of opportunities so that every child can experience a range of activities. The curriculum is supported with appropriate trips out to places of interest to enhance the children’s learning experiences.


We want all of our children to develop in a lively, stimulating environment in which exciting opportunities are created for learning to take place. Although we take due note of the National Curriculum, as an independent school the Prep is not bound by it and can therefore offer a broader curriculum that goes beyond statutory requirements. Activities and learning opportunities for children in this age group are well planned to match the developmental stage of each child. The individual’s needs are carefully considered when planning for the following:

  Infants Curriculum


A strong emphasis on reading and writing skills as well as communication through speaking, listening and ICT.
Numeracy As well as developing children’s knowledge and understanding of Numeracy through practical activities and development of mental skills, we firmly believe in beginning to establish the traditional four rules of number - Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division.
Creative Technology Expressing thoughts and ideas through art and design technology.
Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship and Emotional Education Developing awareness and knowledge of themselves and exploring their relationships with others.
Cross-Curricular Topic Work Promoting awareness of the world around them through Science and Geography and fostering a sense of their place in time through History.
Spiritual and Moral Encouraging an awareness of the Christian faith alongside other faiths and exploring personal values and attitudes as well as nurturing self-esteem.
Physical Development Encouraging healthy choices, developing control and coordination, expanding spatial awareness, participating in Games and P.E.