Birkenhead School

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Nursery Staff

Birkenhead School Nursery is committed to providing your child with the best in early years education and development. Our staff are all qualified and experienced practitioners and teachers.

Head of Early Years

Jan Dorney, Early Years Professional Status

Deputy Nursery Manager

Tina Ross, Level 4 in Early Years Practice

Early Years Professionals

Nicola Labno, Early Years Professional Status

Jenny Billington, Early Years Professional Status

Samantha Parkinson, Early Years Professional Status

Early Years Graduates

Rachelle Barton, BA

Samantha Plant, BA

Leanne Lovell, BA

Joanne Formston, BA (Early Years Teacher)

Early Years Practitioners

Jane Gardner

Lucy Hunt

Kerry McGinley

Sally Lavelle

Sheena Gregory

Sara Taylor

Samantha Tempest

Sophie Price

Michelle Williamson

Supply Early Years Practitioner

Sharon Alexander


Susan Buckley

Katrina Cummings

Rachelle Barton

Samantha Parkinson