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Pastoral Care

We take great pride in our extraordinary pastoral care at Birkenhead School. We believe it is crucial, not only for the happiness of individual pupils, but also for their academic success.

There are formal structures in place which provide a framework of both care and discipline for our pupils. The key figure is the Form Teacher (Prep) or Form Tutor (Seniors), who sees their pupils at least twice a day and is responsible for monitoring academic progress, and encouraging personal and social development. The Form Teacher or Form Tutor is always the first point of contact for parents. If necessary the Form Teacher or Tutor will refer matters brought to their attention to the appropriate person.

In Seniors, the Head of Overdale is the primary support for pastoral care for pupils in Years 7 and 8. Years 9 to 11 have a Head of Year, and in Years 12 and 13 there is a Head of Sixth Form. All are collectively referred to as Heads of Year. They co-ordinate the work of the Form Tutors and play a vital role in the organisation, discipline and care of pupils in their section of the School. They also oversee the academic tracking and monitoring of pupils, and liaise closely with Form Tutors regarding academic progress. Overseeing the pastoral system in Seniors is the Deputy Head and serious matters should be brought directly to her attention. The Deputy Head also liaises with all Heads of Year on a regular basis ensuring the continuity of care, both academically and pastorally.

Additionally, the Headmaster and Head of Prep are always available to pupils who wish to speak with them.

The Chaplain is an important figure in the spiritual and personal development of pupils. As well as the formal contact they have through Chapel services and assemblies, the Chaplain is also available to pupils individually on a confidential basis.

The School Nurse, whilst dealing principally with day-to-day medical problems, can be consulted confidentially by pupils who wish to discuss emotional or other concerns. The Nurse is available each day from 8.30am until 3.50pm in the Medical Centre.

Increasingly, senior pupils take an active role in the pastoral system, having some responsibility for younger pupils. Each pupil joining Year 7 has a Sixth Form Mentor whom he or she will meet for lunch once a week. Mentors act as friends and advisors, willing to pass on concerns, where necessary. Pupils and their mentors stay in touch throughout the week via School email.

Our programme of Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) covers a wide range of topics, many of which are closely related to pastoral matters, including attitudes to others, relationships and bullying, and study skills. PSHE is delivered partly in a series of Focus Days, when the normal timetable for a particular year group is suspended, and partly by Form Tutors in a weekly session.

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