Welcome to Star Activities at Birkenhead School


Star Activities is run by Birkenhead School and offers an exciting range of holiday activity courses for girls and boys aged between 4 and 15 years of age. The courses are open to all and we welcome children from all schools to join us during their school holidays.

We offer a wide range of activities to engage and inspire every child and their different interests and our courses are delivered within a safe and caring environment. All Star Activities tutors are educational professionals or qualified sports coaches.

Our courses run from 10am to 4pm, Monday to Friday and lunch is provided for all courses. Our ‘Rise and Shine’ (8am-10am) and ‘Twilight’ (4pm-6pm) sessions are also available before and after each course to offer additional care and activities. We look forward to welcoming you and your children onto a Star Activities course soon! 

Steph Harris and Ruby Ashcroft
Star Activities Team



Our Little Stars courses are based in our ‘Pre-Prep’ building designed for 4-5 year olds. The outdoor play area and climbing frame along with wet and dry indoor play areas make it an exciting place to be!



Cost: £105 (including lunch)

This is a fun-packed course with lots of activities to keep them entertained. Children will take part in sports, gymnastics and dance sessions on the School Field and in the Prep Hall and Gym. They will have fun in a positive and nurturing environment whilst learning about spatial
awareness, competition and body movement. 

As well as sports, children will be able to take part in games, story time, parachute play as well as playing in the role-play area and using the outside climbing frame. Art and craft activities also mean that there are always
things to take home as memories. 

During weeks 3-11 children will also have great fun learning how to drive in our weekly go-karting sessions.

Children booking onto Little Stars, will be joining our all year round Pre-Prep provision.
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Our Super Stars courses are based on our main School campus and participants are able to enjoy the School’s excellent sporting, ICT and climbing facilities.



Cost: £105 (including lunch)

This is a week full of variety! Participants will get to enjoy arts and craft activities as well as different sports including the School’s climbing wall.

The daily arts and craft activity provides opportunities to be creative and work with different materials to create pieces of art using new techniques.

The sports sessions begin with a coaching session on the basic fundamentals of the sport and will progress to small aided team games. The tutor will deliver sessions appropriate for the age range and ability of the group.

Over the five days a range of sports will be covered. Each week, there will also be the opportunity to use School’s indoor climbing wall for a minimum of two hours, guided by a specialist instructor.

During weeks 3-11 go-karting is offered for one morning during the week. Everyone will have lots of fun perfecting their driving skills around the inflatable track under the instruction and guidance of qualified instructors.

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Cost: £140 per week (including lunch)

This is the course for any budding Jamie Oliver or for those who would just like to try something new. From delicious brownies to perfect pizzas, there are opportunities to make
a whole host of tasty treats to take home and share with the family. A willingness to try new foods and flavours are essential ingredients as well as a sealed container to take the tasty delights home.

All other ingredients are provided.

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Cost: £140 per week (including lunch)

Does your child love music, getting creative and learning new experiences? This is a fun, creative week of introducing your child to British Sign language (BSL) through music, art and role play. Children will learn basic British Sign language, become Deaf aware and be able to give visual meaning to their favourite stories and songs. Expression through body language is an essential communication attribute that is transferable to the classroom and will
enhance and support any child’s learning. Children will love using this extremely beneficial life skill, workshops will be delivered by Adele from dellysigns.

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Cost: £140 per week (including lunch)

Join us for a week of musical and creative fun! Children will get the chance to try out a range of musical instruments and be introduced to rhythm making and reading notes. A range of different music from around the world will be discovered throughout the week, with the children getting the chance to try creating their own versions of jazz, classical, pop, opera and rock tunes. They will also get the chance to sing, dance and take part in their own Star Choir,
with a concert for parents and friends performed at the end of the week featuring their favourite songs that they have learnt. In addition to music making, the children will also have fun with music themed arts and craft making.

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Our Super Stars courses are based on our main School campus and participants are able to enjoy the
School’s excellent sporting, ICT and climbing facilities.


Cost: £140 per week (including lunch)

Judo – meaning ‘gently way’ is a modern martial art and Olympic sport. Its most prominent feature is in self-defence where the objective is to either throw or take down an opponent to the ground. The judo course is led by a fully trained instructor and is open to all abilities including beginners. There is an opportunity for grading on the final day. A judo kit is provided for the week.

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Cost: £140 per week (including lunch)

Our experienced course tutors will coach in a variety of different sports chosen from:

 • Football • Tennis • Diamond Cricket • Short Tennis • Badminton  • Mini Olympics • Table Tennis • Cricket • Indoor Athletics • Kwik Cricket • Netball • Tag-rugby (non contact) • Basketball • Hockey  • Relays • Uni-Hoc • Dodge Ball • Capture-the-Flag • Danish Long Ball • Rounders • Lacrosse • Volley Ball • Bench Ball • Boccia • 

Groups will be divided by age and ability and lots of fun will be had whilst developing skills through active participation.

Each session will progress into small sided team games.

Climbing will also be offered during the week in sessions using the School’s indoor climbing wall with a specialist tutor.

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Cost: £140 per week (including lunch)

Super Stars Masterchef allows participants to develop their culinary skills and make a variety of different menus and meal options during the week.

There will be opportunities to sample the delights as well as taking tasty treats home to share with friends and family. 

All ingredients are provided, we just ask for a willingness to try new foods and flavours and for participants to bring a sealed container to take their creations home in!

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Cost: £140 per week (including lunch)

Acting, singing and dance/movement skills will be developed through a range of exciting workshops. Those taking part in the course will learn basic singing techniques as well as enhancing their performance skills through creating their own scenes and dance numbers with the support of our specialist tutor.

The week will culminate in a musical theatre production covering singing, drama and dance, which will be performed on the Friday afternoon to friends and family. As well as rehearsing and performing, participants will also take part in games and fun activities designed to develop their confidence and self-expression.

Both weeks will follow a different theme.

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Cost: £140 per week (including lunch)

Those taking part will enjoy daily sessions at local riding stables, during which they will have riding lessons as well as learning about stable management skills. The riding lessons are suitable for all ability ranges and will focus primarily on walk, trot and canter skills. For more
advanced riders, jumping may be an option. The stable management experience will range from grooming horses to preparing feeds.

During the morning, there will also be opportunities to take part in sports and activities. These will include:

Football • Tennis • Diamond Cricket • Short Tennis • Badminton  • Mini Olympics • Table Tennis • Cricket • Indoor Athletics • Kwik Cricket • Netball • Tag-rugby (non contact) • Basketball • Hockey  • Relays • Uni-Hoc • Dodge Ball • Capture-the-Flag • Danish Long Ball • Rounders • Lacrosse • Volley Ball • Bench Ball • Boccia • 

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Cost: £140 per week (including lunch)

Train to become a journalist or work behind the scenes of a video camera on our new Media Moguls course, where you can learn all about news reporting. Whether you want to seek out the latest stories, be a TV presenter, or write for a newspaper, this course will look at all of the aspects of working in the media in today’s society.

The course will include elements on social media, radio, TV, and you will even get the chance to create your own newspaper - ‘The Star’! 

There will be the chance to develop writing styles, from how to write news stories, to features, interviews and reviews. For those interested in imagery, there will also be the chance to use digital photographic equipment and video cameras, and to learn the basics of design and layout in print and online media.

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Cost: £140 per week (including lunch)

Super Stars Forensic Science will look at how crimes are investigated and how different pieces of information can be brought together to solve a crime through a mixture of practical
investigations and research. The different roles that scientists play will be explored and CSI reports produced. There may even be opportunities for role-play for any natural performers!

Any returning Scientists from the 2017 course will be set additional challenges through the week.

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Cost: £140 per week (including lunch)

This popular and exhilarating course is held at Wirral Sailing Centre, West Kirby Marine Lake. During the week children will have opportunities to take part in a wide range of water based activities including sailing, windsurfing, kayaking, Canadian canoes, stand up paddle
boards, raft building and power boating. Wet suits and buoyancy aids are supplied and children are asked to bring suitable footwear, a towel and a swimming costume. Participants are supervised at all times by the fully qualified instructors at the centre.

NB In the event of inclement weather staff at the centre sometimes revert to “plan B” whilst we will try our best to provide a full week of water based activities we may occasionally include a local walk, beach games or orienteering etc.

Please note participants will need to be in school by 9.30am each morning for watersports and will be taken to West Kirby by minibus.

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Cost: £140 per week (including lunch)

Printmaking, collage and sculpture are just some of the techniques taught and experimented with during this stimulating and varied course!

Different artists and styles will be explored and everyone taking part will receive a sketchbook to record their creations in during the week.

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Cost: £140 per week (including lunch)

There will be lots of fun learning and developing gymnastic skills and abilities during this week long course. Jumps, balances and shapes will be perfected before moving on to work on agilities such as forward, backward and side rolls, handstands and cartwheels.

Daily strength and conditioning sessions will help develop the prerequisite core strengths and participants will also learn how to springboard, progressing onto trampette and vaulting during the course. By the end of the week, participants should be able to perform a floor routine that combines travel, agilities, jumps and balances and simple vaults.

Gymnastics will take place during the morning. In the afternoon, participants will join the Super Stars Multi Sports course.

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