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Headmaster's Welcome

Welcome to Birkenhead School - one of the UK's top independent schools and Wirral's only selective, co-educational school.

It is a great pleasure to welcome you to Birkenhead School.  As a HMC Independent School that welcomes children from Nursery to Sixth Form, we are aware of the considerable privilege in shaping the educational journey of your son or daughter through their formative school years.

From Pre-Prep to Sixth Form, our focus is to know the individual, to develop their core values and to provide a breadth of academic and other opportunities so that we can nurture resilient, ambitious and responsible young men and women. Rightly or wrongly, a school will often be judged by its academic results. At Birkenhead, we take a rigorous approach to academic study, achieving the highest grades, yet firmly believing that the path pupils take and the challenges they overcome are of equal importance. We strive to create a learning environment where teachers have the freedom to teach and where pupils learn because they are inspired and curious – not merely to achieve good grades. We aim to engender a mind-set to learn throughout life.

With society placing ever increasing pressure on today’s pupils, we educate in the broadest sense. The best learners and contributors to school life, and thus the leaders of tomorrow, are those pupils who are happiest. We continue to place great importance on traditional values such as honesty, integrity and a strong moral compass that leads to a healthy, cohesive and aspirational community.

As Headmaster, I take great pride in each pupil feeling known and valued within our community. At Birkenhead, we add further value at every step of this educational journey, driven by an extra-curricular programme whose scope and quality allows each individual to find their niche whether it lies in academia, sport, music, drama, service or leadership - to name but a few. For staff to be able to further our pupils’ passions, while working within such an inspirational and beautiful school site, is one of the great privileges of teaching at Birkenhead, and of an independent education.

I look forward to welcoming you in person to Birkenhead School.

Paul Vicars