Nicholls Lecture Series - James Boumphrey, Old Birkonian


11 February 2019

On Friday 1st February, we welcomed Old Birkonian, James Boumphrey back to the School to talk to the Sixth Form in the Nicholls Lecture Series about his work as a Technology Consultant at Deloittes.

By Miles Morton, Lower Sixth Form Student

On Friday 1st February, Old Birkonian, James Boumphrey, gave a lecture to the Sixth Form, about his career as an ‘ethical hacker’, which involved working closely with the company Meirsk, responsible for 15% of all world shipping.

Mr Boumphrey, who currently works for Deloitte, explained to us how the company oversaw Meirsk’s malware attack, which massively impacted the business.  Particularly fascinating was the description James shared with us of his visit to Meirsk’s Headquarters, where he had been called upon to rectify the problem. 

James Boumphrey, Old Birkonian and Technology Consultant at Deloittes

When asked what we can do as individuals to prevent online hacking on our own devices, James imparted some really useful advice on how to stay safe, including downloading specific apps, which many members of the Sixth Form have now installed.

Mr Boumphrey’s lecture gave us a real insight into the digital industry, a career path a number of my contemporaries are considering.  I will close, therefore, by extending our thanks to James once again, for giving up his time to speak to us.

The Nicholls Lecture Series sees thought-provoking topics covered in weekly lectures and introduces sixth form students to ideas, interests and experiences beyond the academic curriculum.  Click here for more information.