Nicholls Lecture Series - Jonathan Cunningham, MBE


15 March 2019

Jonathan Cunningham, MBE, delivered his lecture to the Sixth entitled 'Infantry Warfighting to Care for the Dying - An Unorthodox View On Dying & Living Your Life to Your Very Last Breath' on Friday 8th March.  Read Lower Sixth student, Reeve Taylor's write up of the lecture.

On Friday 8th March, the Sixth Form was grateful to welcome Jonathan Cunningham MBE to deliver his lecture entitled ‘Infantry Warfighting to Care for the Dying - An Unorthodox view on death, elderly and living your life to your very last breath' as the latest instalment of Birkenhead School’s ‘Nicholls Lecture Series’. The lecture was filled with both knowledge and inspiration for the students.


Mr Cunningham began his lecture by sharing stories based upon his past careers and giving a brief account of his experiences in life, including being a member of the Armed Forces, events management and operating high quality care homes. With his experience (negative and positive), he was able to give useful advice and his outlook on career prospects for today’s young people.

Following this, the speaker gave multiple insightful accounts on his previous experiences operating a wide array of high-profile events such as ‘Sound City’ in 2015, as well as ‘Liverpool Pride’ from 2010-2014.  His insider knowledge of operating challenging events such as these not only proved entertaining but also gave a small glimpse into the number of different opportunities available in the events management industry.

At the end of the lecture, the students had the opportunity to ask Mr Cunningham some more specific questions about the different aspects of events management, in addition to inquiries about the trials and tribulations of a career in events management.

On behalf of the Sixth Form, I would like to thank Jonathan Cunningham MBE for his insightful and entertaining lecture that not only provided useful information about a number of careers to the students, but also gave unique and helpful advice.