Nicholls Lecture Series - Mr James Shone

17 December 2018

On 7th December, Sixth Form students enjoyed a lecture by Mr James Shone, entitled, ‘I Can and I Am’ and left feeling inspired after hearing him discussing his story; the hardships he has been faced with, the world around him today, adjusting to it, and also the charity he founded - ‘I Can and I Am’.

After receiving the news that he had been medically diagnosed with a brain tumour and had no choice but to go through 27 hours of brain surgery, 80 days in hospital and also his loss of sight, Mr Shone educated us on how he adjusted to his life that was violently different to what it had been initially.


Aged 40 and with four children, he explained to us that it was thanks to faith in God that helped him endure the new-found struggles. The wisdom that Mr Shone imparted upon us was in relation with our reliance as young people on social media and the tendency we have now to form relationships on a skin-deep level. This was undeniably more relevant than many of us are willing to admit and it was a grounding reminder to ensure that we make the most out of our close friendship circles and appreciate every day as it comes.

Hearing about Mr Shone’s charity ‘I Can and I Am’ was a pleasant reminder to all of us that not everyone can be the most academically capable in our classes, however, there is a wide variety of ways we, as humans, can show our skillset, such as musically, logically and in our interaction with other people.

Overall, it was an inspiring lecture that all Sixth Form students undoubtedly took a great deal from and our gratitude towards Mr Shone is immeasurable.

By Miles Morton – Lower Sixth Form Student