Nicholls Lecture Series: Physiotherapy


15 February 2019

Roisin McCafferty delivered an informative lecture on Physiotherapy as part of our Nicholls Lecture Series, that provided valuable insights into this field, whilst also providing universally vital messages.  Read Sean Carpenter, Deputy Head Student's write up of the lecture.

by Sean Carpenter, Deputy Head Student and Upper Sixth Student

The most recent instalment of Birkenhead School’s Nicholls Lecture Series was delivered on the topic of physiotherapy. Although extremely informative and useful for the students looking to enter this field at university and beyond, the lecture was very interesting for all.

The speaker began by dispelling the common myth regarding physiotherapy, that it is a very narrow and specialised field. The interactive start of the lecture was a collective brainstorm regarding the different areas into which a physiotherapists may further specialise. With the Sixth Form quickly naming over a dozen branches of physiotherapy, it became apparent how diverse a career in physio can be. The talk then progressed into some of the speaker’s personal experiences and opinions regarding the areas in which she has operated in her career thus far, such as weight loss and neck and shoulders physio. These insights from a professional with years of expertise were invaluable for those in the audience looking to enter the field of physiotherapy.

The end of the talk was also very interactive, with the more specific questions from some of the Sixth Form students. The concluding message of the lecture was one that relates, not only to future physios, but to all of those in attendance: to make sure to try as many opportunities as possible and not resign yourself to one career path without first exploring other avenues.

I would like to thank Roisin McCafferty on behalf of the Sixth Form for what was an interesting and engaging lecture that provided valuable insights into the field of physiotherapy whilst providing universally vital messages.