18 June 2019

Bonjour from Pre-Prep! Last week the Pre-Prep children took part in a crêpe making activity, where they learnt some basic French and had a chance to taste traditional French crêpes! Find out more about the great time they had, as well as see a selction of pictures and videos from one of the sessions here:

Last week the Pre-Prep welcomed Gaël, a Pre-Prep parent, and her mother Maryannig into school. Maryannig is a native French speaker and crêpe maker who came to show the children how crêpes are made. Gaël, who is also fluent in French, was on hand to teach the children more about France and the French language.

The session was held in the Prep science room, which was a great opportunity for the Pre-Prep children to use some of the wider school facilities. It started with the children being shown a map of France and where Gaël and Maryannig are from. They then learnt how to say the items on the crêpe menu so that they could order one themselves.

Each child took it in turns to order their crêpe and greeted Maryannig with a ‘Bonjour!’ They also learnt how to say thank you for their crêpe before they sat down to eat them.

'Chocolat' was a particular favourite, but apple, banana, apricot jam, strawberry and caramel were all on the menu.

While the children were waiting for their turn to order Gaël taught them how to pronounce the numbers one to ten in French using a numbers mat on the floor. When their turn came. the children watched, mesmerised, as Maryannig made and assembled a fresh crêpe.

Thank you to Gaël and Maryannig for coming in to work with the children, they had a fantastic time!  The crêpes went down a treat and there were lots of smiling (chocolate covered) faces afterwards.