Year 6 Visit to the Imperial War Museum


14 December 2018

Year 6 enjoyed a visit to the Imperial War Museum in The Quays in Manchester in December. The museum is purpose-built to tell the powerful stories of over a century of war.  The children had a a great time seeing the exhibition and Sadie from Year 6 has written a review to share with us what they covered during the day.

I didn't know what to expect when we arrived at the Imperial War Museum but as soon as we walked into the building there was a real Harrier Jump Jet waiting for us!  Our history teacher, Mr Stockdale, said that the building we were in had purposely been built in a special wonky way - in order to make you feel disorientated when you looked at the historical artefacts.  Next to the Harrier Jump Jet was a much bigger version of a trench block; this had been sculpted by an artist, based on the real thing.  You could really understand how hazardous this would have been in No Mans Land.



As we moved on, we saw a video clip about what it was like if you, or a member of your family went away to fight in the war.  We also went into a room called the Remembrance Room, where there were books and letters written in WW1 by the soldiers in the trenches.  There were also some songs that you could listen to that captured the mood of what it was like to be a soldier on the battlefield.  A 95 year's young man came to talk to us about what it was like in the Second World War because he was an actual WW2 veteran!  His name is David Leon Teacher and he told us how horrible it was in the war.  David was one of the soldiers who drove trucks along the beaches and he recalled how one time, the water came up to his chest!  His stories make me realize how important it is to remember both World Wars. 

Year 6 pupils were privileged to hear from David Leon Teacher, a World War Two veteran.

Mr Teacher with Year 6 pupils

My classmates enjoyed visiting the museum and I know I certainly did.  I'd like to thank Mr Stockdale for arranging the fantastic and interesting trip.  I think it was a wonderful way to round off our subject on World War One.

By Sadie Cardall, Year 6