17 December 2019

Internationally acclaimed horror author – Ramsey Campbell – was guest of honour at Birkenhead School’s inaugural ‘A Ghost Story for Christmas’ event.

Mr Campbell along with his wife, Jenny, listened to stories written and read by students from across the senior year groups. Three groups of Year 7 students also showcased their experiments in film making. Mr Campbell praised both the content and delivery of student’s work and during a question and answer session discussed his own publishing career which started in his teens.
Event organiser Mr Bell said, ‘the students did themselves proud. In two months the writers have crafted well-plotted narratives with sophisticated vocabulary and excellent imagery; they delivered their pieces in a confident, articulate fashion before a sizeable crowd whilst the film-makers have explored the potential in various settings using a range of shot styles.’
‘We are grateful to Mr Campbell who is a long-established and hugely influential author for attending our event and showing such warm and enthusiastic support to the writers and film-makers of the future.’
‘The Influence’, a film adaption of Mr Campbell’s work is currently available on Netflix whilst his latest novel ‘The Wise Friend’ will be published in the new year.