15 November 2019

Anti-Bullying Week is held in the third week in November each year. Its purpose is to raise awareness of bullying with young people, and to help demonstrate methods of preventing and responding to it.

Odd Socks Day was one of the ways the School participated in Anti-Bullying Week. It was an occasion to encourage our pupils to express themselves and celebrate their uniqueness in a fun way.

As part of Anti-Bullying Week, Mrs Delaney organised a drama session for our pupils to gain a better understanding of bullying. Pupils were asked to answer the question ‘What is bullying?’ through creating a still picture, Mrs Delaney ‘thought tapped’ each character to find out what they were thinking, feeling or saying in that moment. Pupils in the audience discussed what type of bullying was being shown.

We then discussed what bullying is, including the main different types of bullying – physical, verbal, cyber and social/emotional and what they all meant. Each groups then went on to create a mime on a different form of bullying. This was followed by discussion on how we can deal with bullying, who we can talk to about it and that stopping bullying is everyone’s responsibility and it must be reported in order to stop it continuing.

Festival of Music 2019

The Festival of Music runs from Sunday 10th November to Saturday 16th November. For further information on the workshops, recitals and concerts taking place this week and other musical events in the lead up to Christmas please click here.