08 October 2021

On Friday 1st October, Old Birkonian Hamish Robertson, CEO and Co-Founder of The Watch Collectors Club, delivered the second Nicholls lecture of the academic year. With the enticing title “How to Get Rich”, Hamish gave insight into the sources of wealth throughout history.

By Archie Wyles, Upper Sixth Student

Beginning his talk, Sixth Form students were invited to consider “what makes someone rich?” The lecture then covered four different paths to wealth - birth, marriage, talent and entrepreneurship. Drawing on his own experiences in asset management and in starting his own company, Hamish drew on historical examples of innovation to show how wealth creation is tied to new ideas and high-growth companies. Considering how this innovation will transform the future,

I found this lecture particularly interesting. It showed that wealth is a product of ideas and products that we often experience day-to-day, such as Starbucks Coffee, a concept many in Sixth Form found inspiring. Following the lecture, a handful of students joined Hamish for lunch to continue discussions about innovation and finance. I would like to extend my thanks on behalf of the entire Sixth Form for an incredibly engaging lecture.