Birkenhead School is proud to support the charity 'Change a Child's Life'

Message from Lisa Brocklebank, Trustee, Change a Child's Life

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After Mr FitzHerbert's visit to Maria Immaculata School in Nairobi, Kenya, Birkenhead School decided to sponsor 3 year old Natalia through the charity "Change a Child's Life".

Natalia and her brother Maxwell are street children who only knew a life of begging. Along with their mother and other street children, they would shelter at night in temporary iron sheet shacks. Now sponsored, Natalia has joined Maxwell at Maria Immaculata School. Here she can sleep safely in the school dormitories, with all of her meals and clean water provided. Natalia loves being in Nursery, where she can play and learn.


Natalia's first day attending the Maria Immaculata School

This year has been difficult year for many vulnerable children and their families. In March, Kenya enforced a national lockdown, closing schools, and restricting travel and work opportunities. With no benefits or furlough scheme to rely on, families already living in poverty have experienced extreme deprivation. Thanks to sponsorship, Natalia and Maxwell have been supported with food and all their basic needs during school closures. However, many children are not so fortunate.

Natalia at home with other children supported by 'Change a Child's Life'

This Christmas we would like to provide food parcels to families like Natalia's, who are the most in need. It costs just £20 to feed a child for one month or a family of four for one week. The more we can raise, the more food parcels we can send out.


Thank you for your support. 

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Mr FitzHerbert Birkenhead School visits Maria Immaculata School in Nairobi with Change a Childs Life charity


Mr FitzHerbert Birkenhead School with Sister Jane and students at Maria Immaculata School in Kenya

Mr FitzHerbert at Maria Immaculata School with headteacher Sr Jane and students.