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Partnership with Parents

Working in partnership with parents is paramount to children’s learning and development.  

We see how children play and develop within Pre-Prep, but as a parent you will know your child best.  We look to work collaboratively with you so that we can care and support your son or daughter whilst they are with us.  

Settling in Visits

Prior to your child starting you are invited to visit Pre-Prep to help them settle in.  During the visits you will be shown around Pre-Prep and have an opportunity to discuss your child’s needs with members of the Pre-Prep team.  The number of visits can depend on a child’s individual needs and we work closely with you to ensure that everyone feels comfortable during this time.

Key Person 

The key person is the member of the Pre-Prep team who will work closely with your child and ensure that their needs are met and planned for. They share with you what your child has been doing during the day and listen to what they have been doing at home. They are responsible for observing your child throughout the Pre-Prep sessions and will keep your child’s learning journal up to date, discussing their progress and next steps with you at Parents’ Evenings.


An essential feature of parental involvement is an on-going dialogue reporting progress and achievements throughout the Early Years Foundation Stage and this is done via our online eyLog programme.  eyLog is a web-based environment through which you can view your child’s learning journey; this allows the team to plan for your child’s development and to provide you with pictures, memories and information on what your child has been learning during their time in Pre-Prep.  The two-way communication also offers you the opportunity to share your child’s learning and experiences at home with the Key Person. 

Proud Moments

In Pre-Prep we enjoy seeing the children grow and develop whilst in our care.  We encourage you to let us know when your child achieves something for the first time so that these milestones can be shared and celebrated within Pre-Prep.

Mystery Reader

Each week a ‘Mystery Reader’ visits Pre-Prep to read the children a story.  We encourage parents to take part, as well as members of staff from across the School and it’s a highlight in the week’s activities.