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Trips & Visits

Trips and visits play an important role in the holistic education offered at the School and are fundamental in contextualising learning and developing the intellectual curiosity of our students.


Across all ages, students will be inspired and motivated in their subject by a whole range of trips on offer, as well as appreciating the benefit of forming stronger bonds with their classmates and teachers, outside of the School setting.

Trips and visits, both at home and abroad, are highlights in the year, creating memories that last a lifetime. Whether it be ski trips to Europe in Prep, a visit to NASA in Florida, or a trekking expedition in Nepal, our students are inspired, developing skills and knowledge, and become confident and informed world citizens.

As well as experiencing the wide variety of School trips and experiences on offer, our students also benefit from the many visitors we welcome to our campus. From the inspirational speakers, authors, actors and personalities who speak to our students, to the incredible talents of those who conduct workshops with students, there are numerous visits to excite and inspire all members of the School community.