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Pastoral Support

We place great importance and value on the pastoral support offered to all students.  

Our close-knit community allows us to get to know students well, allowing us to support each student so that they leave School as confident, conscientious and responsible young adults, ready to take their places in the world.

As well as the wider Pastoral Support network in the wider School, bespoke and tailored pastoral advice and guidance is offered within Seniors.

Form Tutors & Small Classes

Form Tutors and Class Teachers form excellent relationships with students within small class settings. They have the time to know each student well, and are able to fully support them, knowing their individual strengths and motivations as well as being able to identify when they may need extra help or support.  

The Form Tutor sees their students every day and is responsible for monitoring academic progress, and encouraging personal and social development.  The Form Tutor is always the first point of contact for parents.  

Head of Overdale

In Seniors, the Head of Overdale co-ordinates the pastoral care for students in Years 7 and 8.

Deputy Head

Overseeing the pastoral system in Seniors is the Deputy Head.  The Deputy Head liaises with the Head of Overdale and the Heads of Year on a regular basis ensuring the continuity of care, both academically and pastorally.

Pupil Peer Mentors

Sixth Form students act as Peer Mentors to Year 7 students; helping them to settle in to life in Seniors and provide another point of contact should they have any questions or concerns.  Mentors act as friends and advisors, willing to pass on concerns where necessary.  Students and their mentors stay in touch throughout the week via School email.