Music plays an important role in life in the Prep.

In Infants children take part in weekly Music lessons and are encouraged to play a range of percussion instruments as often as possible.  

Approximately two thirds of Junior pupils have instrumental lessons with peripatetic music teachers, with some pupils learning more than one instrument.  

Within lessons, children learn how to play the recorder and use their recorders as well as un-tuned percussion instruments in class compositions and performances.  As they progress into Years 5 and 6, pupils use keyboards as well as tuned and un-tuned percussion instruments in compositions and performances as well as their own instruments and voices.  

Children in Reception to Year 2 perform musical elements in the School Christmas Show and Summer Production.

Juniors have the opportunity to sing on numerous occasions at special events during the academic year, such Harvest Festival, Christmas Carol Services, Christmas and Summer Concerts, Class Assemblies, Open Days, Prize-Giving and at the Schools’ Concert held in Liverpool Philharmonic Hall.



There are a number of different choirs that children can join during their time in Prep:

  • Sign Choir 
  • Little School Choir (Year 2) 
  • Year 5 Choir
  • Year 6 Choir
  • Chapel Choir - from Year 5 children are offered the opportunity to audition for a place in the School’s Chapel Choir.

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