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House System

There are four Houses that run across Prep and Seniors and each student joins a House when they start at the School.  

The Houses offer opportunities for students across different year groups to come together and take part in a variety of events during the year and is an important part of school life at the School.

The Houses are represented by different colours and take their names from the roads that operate around the School in Oxton Village.

shrewsbury.png beresford.png
bidston.png kingsmead.png

The House system allows students to experience and learn the values of leadership and collaboration, as well as instilling in them a competitive ethos.  The House System gives students the opportunity to be rewarded for efforts and achievement in many areas of School life and its primary aim is to encourage all students to get involved in the many inter-house competitions and co-curricular activities.


Within the Prep, following a competition within the Houses, two captains are chosen from Year 6 for each House. This is a prominent role within the School, involving the chosen pupils encouraging and motivating their peers, helping assist the teachers assigned to each House and communicating important information to their peers.


Within Seniors, Heads of Houses are elected in the Upper Sixth to lead each of the four houses.  These sought after positions are awarded to sixth formers who are popular and influential with students of all age groups.  They act as mentors to the members of their House and coordinate teams for the many and varied House Competitions, as well as lead House Assemblies.

The main competitions in Seniors include House Drama, House Music and Sports Days.  There are also various House Quiz competitions and many others run by the Sports department.

The House Competition Cup is presented to the winning House Captain at the end of the year.