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Life in the Nursery

Opening Hours
The Nursery is open for 50 weeks of the year from 8am to 6pm daily.  The Nursery closes for two weeks over the Christmas period and is closed for all public holidays and staff training days (up to two per year).
The Nursery Team

The management team comprises of Mrs Katie Tyrie, Head of Early Years and Mrs Tina Ross, Deputy Nursery Manager.

The wider Nursery team members are all qualified at Level 3 and above and hold qualifications in:

• Early Years Professional Status
• Qualified Teacher Status
• Degree in Early Years
• Level 5 in Childcare
• Level 4 in Childcare
• Level 3 in Childcare

Daily Routine

Daily Routine
Sessions Available

  • Full Day​​​:​     8am to 6pm
  • Morning Session​:     ​8am to 12.30pm
  • Afternoon Session​:​     1.30pm to 6pm

During the day, a range of activities take place:

8am Nursery opens
8.30am Breakfast
9am to 11.30am Playtime to enhance children’s learning including outdoor play
11.30am to 12.15pm Lunchtime


We say farewell to our morning session children, and for those staying, it’s time for nap and some quiet activities
1.30pm The afternoon session begins and we say hello to children who are with us for the afternoon
1.30pm to 3.40pm Playtime to enhance children’s learning including outdoor play
3.45pm Afternoon tea
4.15pm Playtime to enhance children’s learning including outdoor play  
5.30pm Preparation for home
6pm Home time

There are lots of activities in Nursery for our children to enjoy and these include:

  • Daily,” Music & Movement”
  • Daily” letter & sounds” 
  • Activities & Stories
  • Water play using hoses, gutters, tubes, buckets, nature walks
  • Movement games, parachute games
  • Messy play with resources such as paint, play-dough, water, sand, shaving foam, 
  • Role play
  • Den making
  • Maths activities- pegs &boards, unfix, sequencing, tape measures, weighing, shapes, sorting, matching, counting, puzzles
  • Construction, stickle bricks, Duplo, mega block, wooden bricks. Den making kits. 
  • Writing skills, tracing, coloring using paints, pastels, chalks, mark making using sand, shaving foam, water,
  • Visits from the fire brigade, local farmers, exotic animal parties, Christmas production and party, summer leaver’s production, nature walks
  • Weekly sessions with Little Sports Coaching

Children also benefit from access to the wider School resources as well as enjoying the Outdoor Learning areas and Forest School.



The Nursery chef prepares and cooks breakfasts, hot cooked lunches and teas onsite in the School kitchen.  Our menus are nutritionally balanced with input from the Nursery team and Catering staff.

As everything is made of the premises, specific diets and allergies are easily accommodated.  Weekly menus are displayed and children have access to fresh drinking water at all times of the day.

All meals are included within the fees, along with formula milk for babies up to one year of age.



Celebrating Children’s Achievements

​It is important to recognise and celebrate children’s achievements as this develops their self-esteem.  Positive reinforcement is key to helping children build their confidence and we like to celebrate moments and achievements within the Nursery.

‘Precious Moments’ are moments that we ask parents to share with us when their child does something for the first time at home, which are then shared and celebrated with their friends at Nursery. 

School Nurse
The School has an onsite full-time Nurse who oversees all medical matters and is available daily during term time, to advise staff and support families.  
Members of the Nursery Team will talk to you about your child’s usual sleep routine as we will look to continue with the same routine in the Nursery and maintain consistency as much as possible.  If your child has a comfort object they are welcome to bring this in with them.  If your child does not require a daytime rest, quiet activities will continue as normal away from sleeping children.
Nappies and changing products are provided by the Nursery. Your child’s key person will be responsible for your child’s regular nappy changing. As your child begins to show an awareness of their own bladder and bowel urges, they will be supported in using the potty and then the toilet. This is a very important step towards your child’s independence. It is our expectation that we will work together so that children should be able to use the toilet independently before they enter Pre-Prep.