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Beyond the Curriculum

We are committed to personal development at the School and, in the Sixth Form, students are afforded a variety of unique opportunities through which to extend, enrich, and enjoy activities outside the confines of their academic subjects. 

Our Beyond the Curriculum programme, therefore, forms an important part of the Sixth Form timetable during Michaelmas and Lent terms.  Designed to encourage both the development of new skills and interests, it offers students a vast range of courses which will enhance their leadership skills, as well as their personal horizons.  In so doing, we believe we are preparing our students fully for the highly competitive world that exists beyond Birkenhead. 

Courses offered have included:

  • Architecture
  • Classical Greek for Beginners
  • Computing
  • Cookery
  • EMACT Greek Qualifications
  • Global Issues
  • Learning and Teaching Robotics & Programming
  • Photography
  • Print Making
  • Science in the Community / Research Project
  • Science Olympiad / Stretch Activities
  • Writing for Publication
  • Opportunities in the Community (work experience opportunities)
  • Digital Mulit-media and Film Studies