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Clubs & Activities

Every child is an individual and finds inspiration within different areas of school and wider life.  By employing staff who are passionate about their academic subject, but also interested and gifted in other activities, we aim to provide a co-curricular programme that offers something for everyone.


We hope that there will be those pivotal moments, during a student’s time with us, when a spark is ignited, which leads to a lifelong interest and participation.  

We pride ourselves on the breadth and range of opportunities we have on offer, which help add, not only to our students’ education, but also to their experiences, which, in turn, creates both interested, and interesting, lifelong learners.  

"Whether a child’s passion is sport, music, academia or service – there is something for everyone at the School and I see it as our responsibility to find and further their interests."

Paul Vicars, Headmaster