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Leadership Opportunities

We believe it’s essential for all of our students to develop their leadership skills, to be better prepared for their working lives and to give them the resolve, commitment and resilience that sets apart a good leader from a great one.

Motivation is a key factor in leadership and we believe that all students should be encouraged to develop their passions, skills and talents in all areas, so that they can go on to inspire others.

In order to do this, we encourage our students to take on roles in a number of different areas that not only promote leadership qualities but also their confidence, ability and knowledge.

We have a range of opportunities available for students to shine in their chosen field:

Heads of School, Deputies and Senior Prefects
Student Council
Heads of House
Subject / Area Leaders 


Heads of School, Deputies and Senior Prefects

The Heads of School lead a team of deputies and Senior prefects, all from the Upper 6th, and are integral to the smooth running of day to day life at School. They not only organise internal events, but also act as spokespeople of the School at a range of public events. It is an honour and privilege to be elected as a Prefect and students who do so will have a record of service and commitment to the School.
Senior-Prefect-Team.jpgIn Overdale, (Year 7 and 8) the Head of Overdale oversees the service of a group of elected Year 8 prefects who do duties in Overdale, conduct tours and support new and younger students transitioning from the Prep as well as the wide range of local primary schools.
In Prep, excellent service and commitment is recognised by being elected as a Prep Prefect in Year 6. The Prep Prefect body is led by a Headboy and Headgirl of Prep. Prep prefects will do duties, act as guides and serve as ambassadors of the School at internal and public events.

Student Council

Members of the Council in Prep and Seniors are elected by their peers and form the link between the student body and Senior Management. The Council meets regularly with the Deputy Head and issues are brought to the meeting and debated and resolved. There are a range of committees such as the Emotional Wellbeing Committee and the Healthy Eating Committee.

Heads of House

Heads of House are elected in the Upper Sixth to lead each of the four houses. These sought after positions are awarded to Sixth Formers who are popular and influential with students of all age groups. They act as mentors to the members of their house and coordinate teams for the many and varied House Competitions. They also lead House Assemblies.


Captains of sporting and cultural bodies assist coaches with the smooth running of events. The captains must show positivity, enthusiasm and organisation. The Captains deliver a speech each year at Sports Awards evening and Arts Awards evening.


Subject / Area Leaders 

Students can become ‘Leaders’ within different subjects or areas.  Within Prep, Digital Leaders run ICT clubs at lunchtimes for younger students, are assigned to an ICT lesson to assist the teacher and fellow students, and give assemblies to Prep on ICT topics.  In Seniors, students from Year 7 upwards help run Prep Science Club and mentor the younger students.


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