Nicholls Lecture Series - John Egan, Cabot Corporation


13 March 2019

The Sixth Form welcomed John Egan, Speciality Carbons Operations and Product Line Director from the Cabot Corporation in to speak to them on 'Engineering = Ingenuity'.  Read Upper Sixth student, Ethan Carley's write up of the lecture.  

By Ethan Carley, Upper Sixth Student

On Friday 15th February Sixth Formers were treated to a talk by John Egan, as part of the Nicholls Lecture Series.   Mr Egan spoke to students and staff about his job as a chemical engineer in the chemical industry.

As part of his job managing the production of carbon black, he explained the difficulties in making a product that fits the needs of the many industries that use it, and the challenges of adapting as a company to cater for new business requirements.

During his interactive lecture he explained what his job as a chemical engineer for a multinational corporation entailed and encouraged students to try to match numbers of his to facts about his life.  Mr Egan has the opportunity to travel widely as part of the work he does and had accumulated an extraordinary number of air miles in the process.

After the lecture Mr Egan was accompanied by four students particularly interested in the subject and a career in chemical engineering  to lunch with the Headmaster, where there was further opportunity was for discussion.

I would like to thank Mr Egan on behalf of the Sixth Form for giving up his time to visit us.