15 October 2020

Mr. Taylor, an orthopaedic surgeon based at Spire Liverpool, was kind enough to visit our school and deliver a socially distanced lecture entitled, “So you want to be a surgeon?” to the Upper Sixth and to prospective medical applicants in the Lower Sixth.

By Rohan, Upper Sixth Student

During his lecture, Mr. Taylor talked about his journey to medicine, what an orthopaedic surgeon does and the demands that come with working in the NHS. Though the photos of compound fractures and motor-cycle accidents were not for the faint-hearted, the main message of his talk is certainly applicable to everyone: “Work hard but also play hard”. Speaking about his own experience at medical school, Mr. Taylor told us about how he enjoyed playing sports to help balance his gruelling studies. I know that this will be very useful advice for my peers and me as our A-Level preparations continue to intensify over the coming months. As an aspiring doctor,

I found Mr. Taylor’s lecture very insightful and interesting as, although he explained that Medicine is not the glamourous career it is often made out to be and requires much sacrifice, he emphasised that he would never dream of doing another job since he feels that by being a doctor he can truly have a positive impact on peoples’ lives. On behalf of the Sixth Form and Birkenhead School, I would like to thank Mr. Taylor for taking the time to come and talk to us.