06 March 2024

Many thanks to our sponsor, Bridging Finance Solutions, who has contributed massivley to the hockey programme during the 2023 –24 season.

Looking the part is increasingly important in school fixtures as teams invest in professional standard kit and equipment. This year, Bridging Finance Solutions have kindly invested in new kit for our senior XIs and the boys and girls  1st XI both refreshed their tops for a new set of kit.

With increased numbers in years 11 through Upper Sixth playing this year, we have been able to field a 1st and 2nd XI boys’ team and also a girls’ 1st XI squad with 15-16 players. The number of senior fixtures for both boys and girls this year has increased too.

Working in tandem with Gilbert/Grays teamwear, the boys and girls have two excellent kits for the senior teams. Both the boys and girls teams have reached the county finals of the U18 age groups and will look the part in the new kits in the March events!


We have also ensured the goal keepers haven’t missed out with new goal keeper smocks for the goalies!


This, allied to the continued use of VEO technologies for video analysis, means that the hockey teams not only look the part on the school circuits, but that they are able to use professional video analysis technology to prepare and reflect on games. It is the hope that we wil be able to live-stream games in the near future with VEO technologies so that parents and pupils can watch the hockey and other sports teams remotely.


Many thanks again to Bridging Finance Solutions for their continued support.