18 March 2024

The Sixth Form were fortunate to receive a very exciting lecture from Old Birkonian, Josh Coyne, who came in to discuss his experiences since leaving Birkenhead School.  

By Holly A, Lower Sixth student

Having studied A Levels in Chemistry, English Literature and History, Josh left Birkehead School in 2018 to pursue an extremely diverse career in many unique places. From the desert planes of Australia to the mountains of Fiji, Josh’s career path has included spending many months backpacking, volunteering and even running away with the circus!

After leaving Birkenhead School, Josh attended a British university before travelling to Prague to complete his final year. Due to the COVID pandemic, he was unable to pursue his dream of moving to Canada but, nevertheless, he took advantage of every opportunity he was presented with, a message he was keen to share with the Sixth Form.

Josh was very open about being unsure what his next career move would be, which lead to him jetting off to Fiji with no expectations other than living life to the full. Shortly after volunteering in Fiji, he moved to Australia where he travelled to many scenic places. However, this wasn’t always easy for Josh, who shared with us the struggle of often not knowing where his next accommodation would be and how it would be funded! 

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any more extraordinary, Josh revealed how he had run away with the circus to become a fire breather, a skill he learnt in only one month.

Whilst sharing his journey from Birkenhead School to the circus, Josh emphasised the importance of ‘living life to the full’ and never doubting yourself or your abilities, whether or not you know what your future holds. The students left feeling inspired and one day hoping to have a career as exciting as Josh’s!

We would like to thank Josh for coming back to speak to us and look forward to the next instalment in his adventuring!