19 January 2024

Last term, our Year 6 pupils emarked on a trip to the Imperial War Museum in Manchester. Here, Year 6 pupil Jasmine, tells us all about it.                                                                                       

By Jasmine L, Year 6 pupil

When we arrived, we each took a clipboard and a questionnaire (carefully put together by Mr Stockdale!) and we went around in pairs answering various questions.


We all learned a lot! For example, I never knew that in WW2 there were gas masks for horses! After answering all the questions, we continued to look around, having lots of fun with the interactive aspects of the museum.


Another interesting feature of the museum is the way it is built.  It is designed to unnerve anybody inside it (as they would be in a war) with dim lights and sloping floors. Although we are studying World War 1 in History, we learned about other conflicts as well, including WW2.


We watched two Big Picture Shows, where the entire museum was filled with images of different aspects of war. There was one about the part animals have played in war and one about the experience of a refugee. Overall, Year 6 thoroughly enjoyed their trip and learned lots of amazing facts.